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Bolder Beauty Education Is A Blending Of Traditional And Contemporary Training For The Modern Salon Professional.

Bolder Beauty Training Includes The Bolder Color Program, With eBooks And Videos Made For Bolder Salons/Stylists In Our Affiliate Program.


The Bolder Beauty Affiliate Program Provides Training And Standardization Testing Of Bolder Techniques Among Stylists And Salons.

Bolder Affiliates Are Also Specially Trained In Our Bolder Color Program And Have Examinations Every Year To Advance And Continue As A Bolder Salon Or Stylist.


Bolder Beauty Articles And Blog Posts Provide Additional Background And Information About Bolder Beauty And Current Beauty Topics Such As Covid-19.


Shop The Bolder Beauty Store For Apparel And Swag. Seriously, Who Doesn’t Like Swag?!

Find Clothing, Home Decor, Personal Accessories, Coffee Mugs, and Water Bottles, With Beauty Slogans.

*Made For Pros*

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