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Georgia’s Salon Guidelines for Covid-19 Has Caused Mass Panic | Pandemic 2020

Beauty Professionals all over the Nation are awaiting their new regulations during Pandemic 2020. As States race to open as soon as possible, following the fiasco of the lack of funding for small businesses; Georgia took the lead.

The Georgia State Board of Cosmetologists and Barbers released their 28 Safety Guidelines for Return to Work and immediately faced intense backlash for the overwhelmingly frightening protocols.

As we wait for DORA, let’s hope Colorado does better.

Beauty Professionals And Disinfection | Pandemic 2020

Beauty Professionals practice disinfection protocols every day on the job. Disinfection is a major part of our licensure and can be updated by State Agencies as events may require them to be. Events such as Covid-19.

This post is broken up into two parts. Part One discusses School, Legislation, Licensure, and Basic Disinfection information. Part Two discusses a collection of new disinfection protocols since Covid-19. The posts are quoted and are verbatim to the documents from DORA and Executive Orders from Gov. Polis.

Beauty Professionals And COVID-19 | Pandemic 2020

Let’s talk about all the info we currently have on Covid-19.  In this post you’ll find facts that you do not know, but absolutely need to know about. Once you read this, you will absolutely understand what we are facing and prepare for it. I’ve curated this information from many sources and all links will be provided in the Pandemic 2020 Resources post.

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